Welcome to Shri Ram Shiv Adhyatm Ashram. Shree Ram Shiv Adhyatmik Ashram is an abode for Spiritual Awakening- the connection of Aatma with Param- Aatma. The Aashram is open for all and does not discriminate on any basis including caste, creed, gender, colour, race, nationality or even Religion

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Welcome To Ashram

As the name itself suggests- 'Shree Ram Shiv Adhyatmik Aashram' is solely committed to the Spiritual life and spiritual awakening.


Shri Ram Shiv Adhyatm Aashram is a Spiritual place, located in Marihan, Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. This Ashram is established to honor Shri Shiv Singh Rana Ji and his teachings by the following principles and pilotage of mission started by Shri Ramchandra Ji Maharaj (Sh. Lala Ji Maharaj).
Aadhyatmik signifies the connection between 'Aatma' and 'Parmatma' and Aashram is a hermitage where we go to find this connection. With the names of Ram and Shiv, this Ashram is an Abode Dedicated to the Spiritual Journey of its devotees.


Key Principles

All the main key principles which makes a strong bond between all devotees.

Glorify God

Never forget to thanks god for giving you a wonderfull life. Always remember him while doing any kind of work or activities.

Love Community

Love to the livings and nature and treat them as your family,  which will make you happy from inner side.

Believe in Guru

Power of BELIEVE is beyond everything. So when you start to believe in your guru, all the problems and difficulties gone.